Thursday, February 23, 2012

It is a liquid- (wiki check) Nah it's solid.

This glass box
can't intervene
with the events around me.
I can only observe
and witness the mistakes of my past.
This glass box,
no doors,
no way out,
no way in.
I was born here,
and will die the same
Unless i can break free,
shatter the walls around me.
Make my own way out,
into the world outside.
This glass box,
My lonely mind . . .

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wicker chairs.

I see you still
out of cornered eyes
up upon wicker chairs
light shining as sunrises will
through white blonde hair
smiles worn and seductive face
turned off center just so

Disappearing just as quick as you rose
with my second look- now a yellow chair
no longer used, bearing no thought save
how i must repair those splintered arms
a sunset in dying light.

Moon light

Will you dance with me in the moonlight
! spin in transient rays
translucent as fading rays reflect from hair
unforgettable unnatural but so perfect within
these arms finding strength just so to
hold your young body within between
that eyes so bright can pass stored
radiance forth till the bitter hearts
without will call the moon barren and defined

Nay! Resist we will that such a fine and natural sight
as our bodies pressed tight dancing in the moonlight
beneath the mystic unexplained feeling - Moon and love
Entwined like fingers pressing exploring discovering.

Saturday, February 18, 2012



Kiss me
Hard throw me against the bed
But do not look at my face

Turn that small body over
Scream if you will
but speak no words* to me
Kiss if you must move that sweet mouth

sweet so long as it makes no semblence
of sounds with soft suicidal meaning and
words that you ought not speak.

Dont look at me!
Just take and give
With a bitter silence to
calm a barren & scared mind

With pony up! in backgrounds telling you
Shut up and kiss me
Good at first when self told lies
can be believed before brittle
truth seeps in shallow hearts

When awareness dawns
You are a means not an end
Out the door you walk
or are forced to crawl

Terible betrayal of lessons taught to
our youthful selves that love is
pristine untouchable sacred like life
smashed how the bamiyan buddha
lost his life with no meaning found

Look away from my tattered form
light fire to your self
with my smouldering soul
that i can feel
Feel in your innocennce dieing
feel in your confusion
feel in the seperate selves
validiction of self
now imprinted as seals upon cattle
within a mind once tender and sweet
now bitter and frail.

Monday, February 13, 2012


I can create vitriol verse upon a short summer night
with word poet and shriek born
but these fond farewells live not in
sullen homes of broken vessel
nostalgia burnt away with
old verse and journal fill'd
by longing and days passed in daze
so now roots fill'd with ash left
of words in hope of this
greater day now faded fast

Feb 13 2012 nick bacon

Monday, February 6, 2012

Family Tree

Family Tree

The damned roots
which unseen usurp my standing
leaving the cement below cracked askew.

These cursed branches
which creak in swaying to social winds
Keeping me awake.

The fallacies i find in these leaves
forever shifting making work
a yard that is never cleaned.

The undying support of blood run deep
cut to save my sterile home.

Shifting light in sunsets with colored minds
reduced to omnipresent glare from lonely vantage.

Meditation in each leaf known so true
Painted in the masters hand infinite variance.

Now the family tree burns at my feet
smoke hiding the bless'd night sky.

What sin hath been wrought,
by these two(too) tiny hands.

Nick Bacon feb 6 2012