Friday, August 12, 2011


With Rheumy eyes
Dyed black
With age'd masks
Worn till like grass
Skin grows over
Hiding seems in
Seamless guilt

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sadness ( solar wind)

A Stars last radiance
An outer shell bursting forth
with great commotion, reds, yellow
and blue sent forth
Riding effortlessly as tap dancers perform presciently
with grace of form and transience atop fractals
of force without a visual spectrum
Far outside a perimeter of course

light blinding as
gales of wandering atoms
are carried along for the ride
A typhoon fierce and unexpected
rough, hidden, sans compassion

A rapist in the void
to steal countless worlds
Virtue - penetrate atmospheres
Rip them to shreds around
pristine bodies then
leave the carcass to
Vagaries of a universe too
harsh and large as
Radiation seeps through every pore

Now the entire being is
left. Dirty in rags - unwanted
Trash in a solar neighborhood
now marked shanty.

August 10 2011
© Perigrine Scott

A Bowl of Popcorn

The kernels come in a brown bag, small in size but strong with butter smell. Places within a microwave that even had a moving plate within. The machinery was dark in appearance, black in fact, however this device it was clean! upon setting a button marked "popcorn" we stood and waited for those divine explosions of kernels bursting forth to new life as popcorn soft and sweet. opening the door with a push of our fingers. hatch popping forth and then bid hello our fabled prize- illuminated in the appliances, nay! rather imaginations bright golden light. steam rising from the gilded bags corners- an incense lingering telling of the charms within.