Wednesday, July 20, 2011

paring knife appeal

Paring Knife Appeal

timid size appearing
to give one greater chance
to conceal

curved so rolling wrist
cuts leave clean 2 inch
lines to split and
crack my skin in
reverence to emotion
reverence to emotion failed

and emotion hidden
and emotions festering
running red and green

an anti winter holiday
to be held in summers
heat wave and
emotional dearth

the wound like crevices
opened beneath subduction plates
the planets true center
less adulterated heat of
will bubbles forth red
froth to clean and
wash anew homes
forests lives and
emotion run raw
ragged from questions
asked and unasked
each as telling of my emotions death

as - a paring knife appeal

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Misplaced Love

Misplaced Love

Tiny fists of rage Clenched
Youthful eyes Smoldering with hate
The Righteous fury of a straight back
and Squared shoulders
What Malevolence found in adolescent
Pursed lips

How it crumples like so many
Playing card houses to a slight breeze

Before the cold antipathy of
Fathers stinging slap.

Rancor fades and leaves
Wet streaks upon red imprints.


© Nick Bacon