Monday, March 15, 2010


Time: March 15th 7:22pm 2010
Location:Dorm Room
Music: Artist: Tilly And The Wall Song:Pictures of Houses.

Tomorrow and Wednesday = finals for winter quarter.... GAH!!! I'm definitely procrastinating like a pro right now by writing this but I will just use the excuse of my brain needs a break. On the brighter side- ordering my tickets home on the train- which means time to hash out issues with the girlfriend- see if we will fall apart (explode apart more like) or maybe find a way to work.

So my day so far... Woke up at 7:30 due to a phone call from the girlwithaface after falling asleep at around 5 am.... told her I was going to back down from my whole " I WILL NEVER DO A BREAK, if you want a break then just break up with me-- i don't do that!" and let her know i definitely don't want to but if that's all that works that is what i will do...

Proceeded to sleep for a few hours longer then went to lunch with a friend- and then wrote my oral presentation for my Chinese exam which i am now trying to memorize.... joy!!
I would much rather sit down at this point and just read a book. I picked up "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" from my library at a friends urging and have started wadding my way through it. It is written by a man named Haruki Murakami... apparently very well known in Japanese literary circles. Not sure what I think of the novel yet. It seems to be his magnum opus from what google has revealed to me. At this point however, it is largely the absurd happenings to a man and his comments on the surreal circumstances around him. The protagonist on a whole seems to live in a very surreal universe( it is narrated by the protagonist- a man named Toru Okada). Of course what more Camus' "The Stranger" then a narrative of the surreal and absurd in our lives to send across some greater ideas or points. Shrug* I wont judge yet- it does flow very well and it was not written in English so. hmph.

well I don't know, I feel like I have failed to include anything meaningful into this blog post but I have studying to do so I'm done for now