Monday, February 21, 2011

Starting anew

Time: February 22nd 1:15ish am 2011
Music: Artist: The Weakerthans Song:Aside

Been a while. I began a deviant-art thing- realized I was using it for a live-journal/ blog like post my musings get positive ego feedback from others. So.... I just decided to start keeping this thing updated more. I have been writing a good deal of poetry lately and that's what I feel like posting the most of - and so it will be.

When I wrote this last night I was fixating on how I feel towards my ex be it glad for the shared good times or anger over the bullshit I put up with for far too long. the following is what came of such thoughts.

Parted lips (2)
parted lips
the small smile found upon
your mouth's small corners
expectant for a finishing
soft upon
parted lips

Blankets covering
a head hidden fast
fingers clenched tightly resisting
removal of temporary comfort
in a head hidden fast
blankets covering.

fingers tighten
imitating drumbeats on your skin
back onto mine
each squeeze
repeated again
with childish glee our
fingers tighten.

Smeared make up
surrounding eyes marred
with many sad lines of
stress untold unspoken
radiant blue hidden
so pain is repaid with
smeared make up

Which Emotion!
which memory!
what will reign in the fast changing mind
which memory!
which emotion!

Pain with Anger unfurled
Wrongs we are not sorry for and
remain unforgiven by
each of us holding eyes
illuminating galaxies destroyed
sparkle turned to flame

Joy with Warmth released
Moments of shared release and
euphoria learned by
each of us holding eyes
illuminating galaxies alight
flame turned to sparkle
© Peregrine Scott 2/20/2011