Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Her vision marred eyes.

I love the colors;
Through my hazy vision,
They bleed together. 

A messy landscape of manicured green running with the brooding ocean blue and clear skies refreshing teal. 

A thousand shades of brown and industrial gray in San francisco's hive. 
Of villainy, sure 
And a thousand blurred desires, dreams, and realities made. 

The many hued eyes of my home, solace in her varied expression. A new facet unveiled each day. 

Feb- 24- 2015

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lighthouses, Probably

My mind keeps flitting over an absent place.
Like a missing tooth ones tongue cannot help but touch,
to remind oneself what is no longer there.

Or anyway it makes me remember you real strongly.
Like I can feel your arms and calming presence...

It is like a castled rook or a wall of pawns standing next to me.
Something so physical I am assaulted by its smell.
That raw energy, ... A

memory of You I could lean on.
A believing in
A knowing in
Arms tight and safe

It is a memory that forces you to feel so ephemeral.
I walk outside, so far away,  to be beneath different stars.
And I, can just almost pierce some midnight veil
To feel a pulse beneath my resting hand,
Something so real,

 If I Can Just breathe in enough of the everythingness surrounding,
The shared spirit of life will make a warmth spread beneath my splayed fingers
Where they touch phantom flesh.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered what it was like? To wander in the small spaces. flitting between silences just long enough to be noticed too brief to comment upon Would I carry that cross? Of questions unspoken and desires buried. could you rise above the weed choked fields of barely realized hope?

fluttering in my bosom( stomach?)
can I leap into the abyss
that lonely hole where uncertainty resides (much uncertainty. . . needs revision )

Have you ever wondered what it was like? To wander the chambers of my heart. ~Nick Bacon~ 7/20/2014

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Music: Bright Eyes- From a Balance Beam.
Work in an hour.
A sun waiting behind the clouds.

Do these horrendous men of violence , dividing communities and families with a message of judgement and pharisee like adherence to a broken law, do they have no concept of looking at this like an outsider?!? Marriage is a institution from the state- and given Marriage Equality for people like me - there will be NOTHING forcing the Church to get involved- they need not preside over any such weddings. If removing themselves from an equation of love support and bringing forth of life into the world is the Church's stance fine! Fine don't take part! But why must you bring your religion into a political stage that literally does not effect your organization. I can promise you by the rhetoric used that none of those utterances and fear filled speech come from a place of concern for me- my well being or spiritual potential for heaven in the future. I do not legislate your way of life- and I live in the United States of America- a land of equality for all regardless of pesky little things like religion race sexuality or political preference. Speakers from the Church on these issues may shore up and affirm support from the radical few- but you bring division to your community as well- over a fight that is not yours. The country has a short memory but not so short i think to forget about the institutions who regularly come down against those with no protection or support in our culture. The number of scriptures being quotes that just make my insides burn for remembrance of the biblical arguments used not so long ago to keep African Americans enslaved, abused, not protected under our law.

Your greatest commandment is to love your neighbor. I feel belittled and hated by millions I have never met, and it breaks my heart because I have no doubt every one of them is a worthwhile person. So I curse the men (because let's be honest the Church's bringing this hate and environment of suicide and self harm to the children of our country do not have women running them.) given the honor and power of those pulpits, that would use them to harm and hurt humans, every one worthy of Love.

~Nick Bacon Wednesday 17 April 2013~

Saturday, February 2, 2013

 Music: Little Bird: by Lisa Hannigan
Activity: Drinking Fat Tire preparing for the bar. Thinking of what genuine connection is.
Sometimes when I read things- or listen , see them, etc. I read so much more meaning into it than perhaps what was meant- giving references and intelligence to actions which really didn't have a meaning or reason. Maybe this too- is like our selves , the worth and reason behind our interaction- the meaning in our connections... placed there by over thinking and fatuous hope.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

re-sparking it is needed perhaps
so i indulge in my passions until i find that... Planeswalking capability in another
light those fires
and walk.

Nick Bacon Wednesday June 6 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It is a liquid- (wiki check) Nah it's solid.

This glass box
can't intervene
with the events around me.
I can only observe
and witness the mistakes of my past.
This glass box,
no doors,
no way out,
no way in.
I was born here,
and will die the same
Unless i can break free,
shatter the walls around me.
Make my own way out,
into the world outside.
This glass box,
My lonely mind . . .